5 Ways to Market Your e-Learning Courses Like a Pro (Even On a Small Budget)

One of the many benefits of using a learning management system is not only delivering internal training, but it can also be used to make a profit. Increasingly businesses are making money by selling their e-Learning courses through their LMS platform’s eCommerce option, but as with any product you’re selling, how much profit you make is all about your marketing.

If you’re just delving into the world of eCommerce courses, consider the following five tips that will help you market your products like a pro, even on a small budget.


Tip #1: Conduct Research

You wouldn’t launch a new product without first conducting market research, so why wouldn’t you take a similar approach with your eCommerce e-Learning?

Start by understanding your targeted audience—for example, is it your peers and competitors in your industry or would your target be more along the lines of you customer base?

Perhaps it would be people similar to your employees.

Whatever it is, know your audience and then learn what’s going to appeal to them in terms of both product and marketing. You may have to do some extra legwork here, like conducting focus groups, but in the end the additional time is likely to pay off.

Tip #2: Include a Certification

When you include a certification within your course, it’s a great way to compel buyers to take action because they feel as if they’re getting something extra with their purchase. There’s a reward to show for not only the purchase of your course but also the completion of it, which is a powerful motivator.

Let your potential customers know they’re getting a certification option clearly in your course description. Use this as a pivotal part of your advertising of your product.

Tip #3: Design Your Course Around a Solution

You don’t just want your e-Learning to be informative—you also want it to solve a problem. You can start identifying common issues faced by your targeted audience as you’re holding focus groups and conducting market research. You can also use your experiences in your industry to build your problem-solving course.

Once you’ve identified a problem and created a course that solves the issue you can then work to build a marketing campaign around these concepts.

Tip #4: Become an Authoritative Expert

If you’re going to be someone who’s offering the information needed by potential customers to solve a problem then you better be seen as an authority in your industry or niche.

As part of the marketing of your e-Learning you can begin participating in the conversations happening on social media sites like LinkedIn and Twitter. Other options include serving as a guest writer on authoritative industry websites, and you can join or participate in professional groups where you’ll gain exposure as an expert.

As part of this concept, you should also work on creating a strong online presence to build your network and gain more visibility for your business and your courses.

Tip #5: Cultivate a Strong Brand Identity

When you’re in the initial phases of creating eCommerce courses, look for an LMS platform that allows you to customize your content so that you can match your products with your existing brand image.

As you work through the other areas of marketing your courses you’re going to be strengthening your brand identity and image, which will help you also develop future following for your products.

These are our top 5 tips for marketing your e-Learning like a pro—let us know how you’ve been successful in this area!

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