Case Management Certification

eLeaP provides a simple and cost-effective way to provide case management certification to your employees.

What to Know About Case Management Certification

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 11.21.40 AMCase managers are people from any number of disciplines, but primarily they’re employed in social work and the medical fields.

Case managers must be educated in diverse areas. For example, they’ll need to understand the dynamics of care coordination, there needs to be an in-depth understanding of the various roles that work together within a discipline and oftentimes case managers are also trained on the varying challenges patients and caregivers face in certain settings.

It’s important that case managers receive training and education that prepares them to handle a broad range of settings and situations.

Ultimately the goal of a case manager is to help his or her patients, whether that be individuals or entire family units, have a better quality of life. This is done through the management of a variety of situations, but also through the creation of goals. Case managers then help their clients achieve those goals through the best possible routes.

Case Management Training

Most organizations require that employee receive case management certification, regardless of their particular discipline.

This training covers all of the elements mentioned above and oftentimes this robust and comprehensive training is broken into different segments that educate employees on a variety of different topics.

Not only is broad case management certification available, but there are also specialty areas of practice which may require specific training.

Utilizing e-Learning for Case Management Training

Increasingly organizations and professionals are turning to e-Learning as a way to take on the rigors of case management training in a way that’s efficient in terms of both time and money.

Many organizations employing case managers, including the social work, elder care and medical disciplines, work with limited resources and budgets, which makes it even more important that certification training is done in a way that’s effective but also in line with tight budgets and time restraints.

e-Learning and certification training through an LMS is also ideal for case management careers because it provides the opportunity to address the ever-changing and dynamic requirements of the position. As with many health and human services-based careers and roles, case managers face an always-evolving environment, so using e-Learning as the primary training tool is the best way to address those changes without having to completely overhaul training.

From case management certification for professionals just beginning their careers to continuing education and training for supervisors and directors, e-Learning can address the specific needs and challenges within this field and provide training that’s interactive, effective and engaging.

eLeaP provides you with a myriad of tools at your disposal to deliver cutting edge case management certification and training. You begin by developing your courses using our simple tools that will have you ready to launch in a few minutes, or you can explore our more than 700 pre-designed courses as well.

Once you’ve designed your courses and included elements like PowerPoint and video files you can also build in features like scenarios and case studies to help further the training and development as case managers work toward certification.

With a certification program it’s also important to be able to track the progress of learners, which is why eLeaP offers automated reporting features as well as the ability to issue certifications within the LMS.

If you’re interested to see how eLeaP can revolutionize your case management certification program, give us a try and take advantage of our free trial offer.

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