Exploring Multiple Choice Questions and Best Practices for Using Them

Just the thought of multiple choice questions can transport most of us back to our middle and high school days. Most school exams, including the dreaded standardized tests, featured a slew of multiple choice questions. Continue reading

7 Ways to Provide Meaningful Feedback During Training

One of our frequent tips to readers and clients here at eLeaP is to include at least some type of feedback within your e-Learning modules. Feedback is an important component of not just e-Learning but employee training in general. Without feedback, your employees are left without a sense of awareness in terms of how they’re performing. This often means not only does training not resonate as strongly as it would when paired with feedback, but there’s also little basis for improvement. Continue reading

A Guide to Diagnostic Assessments

If you feel like you’re ready to create e-Learning training and launch it for your employees but you haven’t conducted any type of diagnostic assessment, it may be time to reconsider. A diagnostic assessment is imperative to designing training that’s targeted and effective, as well as strategic. Continue reading