Exploring Social Learning and How It Can Be Implemented with Social Media

As we’re nearing the end of 2015 one thing is pretty clear: social media isn’t a fad. It’s here to stay.

What was once a unique way to communicate with friends and family has now become a pivotal part of the business world as well. Social media is frequently used as a communication tool to reach clients and potential customers, but what role does it play in employee training and e-Learning? Continue reading

The Benefits of Experiential Learning and How to Create Realistic Training

Experiential learning may sound like something straight from an introductory philosophy class, but in reality it’s a concept that can be extremely valuable for training managers. Businesses are often asking themselves why their training and development isn’t resonating with employees. A common answer to that question lies in how realistic the learning feels to employees. Continue reading

How to Incorporate Elements of Google’s Training and Development Into Your Business

Silicon Valley is undoubtedly enjoying time in the limelight right now. The area has become synonymous with technology, innovation, and pioneering companies. Millennials are flocking to these enterprises as they become the premier places to work in the world. From search engines to apps and even products like watches, it seems like tech companies in Northern California are on the cusp of everything new and exciting. That innovative spirit certainly extends to their employee management, and in particular how they train employees. Continue reading

Play the Game: Why Gamification Works in Employee Training and 6 Tips for Using It

Employee training isn’t all fun and games…or is it?

That’s the question companies are asking themselves. With the rise of online training and learning management systems, employers are also finding it’s increasingly simple to include elements of gamification in employee training. Continue reading