Exploring Multiple Choice Questions and Best Practices for Using Them

Just the thought of multiple choice questions can transport most of us back to our middle and high school days. Most school exams, including the dreaded standardized tests, featured a slew of multiple choice questions. Continue reading

The Benefits of Experiential Learning and How to Create Realistic Training

Experiential learning may sound like something straight from an introductory philosophy class, but in reality it’s a concept that can be extremely valuable for training managers. Businesses are often asking themselves why their training and development isn’t resonating with employees. A common answer to that question lies in how realistic the learning feels to employees. Continue reading

How to Incorporate Elements of Google’s Training and Development Into Your Business

Silicon Valley is undoubtedly enjoying time in the limelight right now. The area has become synonymous with technology, innovation, and pioneering companies. Millennials are flocking to these enterprises as they become the premier places to work in the world. From search engines to apps and even products like watches, it seems like tech companies in Northern California are on the cusp of everything new and exciting. That innovative spirit certainly extends to their employee management, and in particular how they train employees. Continue reading

How and Why Scenarios are Important in e-Learning


Scenarios are a valuable learning tool that also happen to be very simple to include in employee training, through the use of a learning management system. With the rise of LMS-based employee training, employers have new opportunities to provide exciting, inventive and cutting-edge training that’s simultaneously extremely useful. This type of engaging training typically includes scenarios. Continue reading

Do’s and Don’t’s of Training Clients and Customers

We often focus on training employees, but there’s another area of training that you may need to take on: training your customers and clients.

Whether you sell a product or a service, it’s important that your customers know how to use it, and use it well. Continue reading

Why Employees Are Turned Off By Training and How You Can Change Their Perspective

There’s a commonly held belief amongst employees when it comes to training: it’s a punishment. Training is something that’s seen as a necessary evil in the workplace, leading to a feeling of reluctance or even resistance. Continue reading

Want to Retain? Focus on How You Train

We’re in the midst of a unique employee marketplace right now. Skilled and talented employees are hard to come by, and when employers do discover a great employee there’s a constant worry they’ll lose them to a better opportunity. Continue reading