Compliance Training

Compliance is often a challenge for organizations—they recognize its importance but it can be difficult to deliver and manage this type of training in a way that’s effective and cost-efficient.

One of the biggest challenges faced by organizations when it comes to compliance training is the fact that although it’s of legal and procedural importance it tends to be unengaging for employees.

Another hurdle that comes with compliance training are the logistical challenges that come with its delivery. Businesses that are already feeling limitations when it comes to budgets and other resources don’t have the ability to invest in a large-scale training program that takes place in a traditional classroom setting.

Finally, compliance training can change frequently as regulations are constantly evolving. It’s challenging for many organizations to develop a training program that is flexible enough to be changed as regulations shift or evolve.

What’s Required of Compliance Training

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 11.47.01 AMWhile compliance training can vary based on the organization and the industry, some of the most common features required by this type of training in a general sense include:

  • Security and confidentiality. Oftentimes compliance training requires top-level security measures, especially when dealing with compliance in industries like banking and finance.
  • It’s vital that compliance training be available at all times for many organizations, and training and delivery can’t be interrupted by issues like viruses or hardware failures.
  • Finally, tracking and accountability are of the utmost importance in compliance training. Compliance training is often subject to audits from various bodies, and it’s also important that tracking and reporting are maintained internally as well.

Compliance Training with eLeaP

At eLeaP we offer a number of tools and technology options that are designed just for creating and delivering compliance training, whether your current training lacks effectiveness or you just want to take a fresh new approach.

The best way to tackle compliance training is to be proactive and we have a full range of comprehensive training solutions, which we deliver in a completely customizable and scalable format.

With eLeaP’s unique offerings you can leverage technology and a slew of multimedia tools, which helps you design compliance training that’s interactive and engaging.

You can also produce training that’s on-demand with a smooth, seamless interface and it can provide compliance training that’s consistent across all of your employees, regardless of language or location.

With our easy-to-track automated reporting tools you risk your potential for risk, and at eLeaP we also do something that other LMS providers don’t—we back up our great products with service that’s just as great.

With eLeaP’s specialized approach you can create and deploy training that isn’t just effective but also that aligns with your corporate brand and the goals of your organization, whether you create new content, update your existing training or let us do it for you.

Think about these examples of our clients who have turned to us for compliance training:

Compliance Point: Compliance Point is an organization that provides compliance-based consulting services. Through the use of an eLeaP LMS Compliance Point was able to deliver cost-effective training solutions to their clients and they were able to easily and continuously maintain the reports needed to demonstrate compliance.

Washington County Hospital and Nursing Home: Washington County Hospital and Nursing Home is the only healthcare provider in the county, and they deliver both long-term and acute care. Using an LMS from eLeaP Washington County Hospital was able to replace its outdated classroom compliance training and instead put in-place a web-based solution that’s not only more cost effective but also helps them easily and simply meet the challenge of adhering to government and healthcare-based regulatory standards.