A Guide to a Content Management System

The Basics of a Content Management System

The phrase content management system or CMS, has become a popular one in the technology sector, yet there are still some people who are unsure of exactly what it refers to.

Essentially a content management system is a type of web-based software that provides the ability for several users to manage learning or training content.

This means that depending on one’s permission level within the content management system, there may be methods for creating, launch and managing a variety of e-Learning and corporate training information and tools.

With a content management system from eLeaP, it’s possible to develop and publish content without having prior HTML or web-development knowledge, and then continue to manage that content as it becomes available to users. Part of the management process can include everything from inviting individuals to participate in a particular training course, to tracking results of quizzes and gathering feedback from assessments.

With a content management system everything is stored within a web-based application so there’s no need for the installation of hardware or software.

An eLeaP CMS

With a content management system from eLeaP, since everything is cloud-based it makes it easy to store the information for any number of employees. Additionally, this web-based application provides the tools users need to develop new learning content and launch it to employees in a matter of minutes.

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 10.47.45 AMThere is no need for users of an eLeaP content management system to back-up their information or search for product updates, because these things are done automatically thanks to our web-based design.

Some of the features available with the use of an eLeaP CMS include:

  • The ability to manage multiple learning paths. You can personalize how your training and content is delivered to your employees through many of our management functionalities aimed at tailoring the training experience to employees based on their team, group or training path.
  • Manage not only training in general but also the issuing of certifications and credentials through an eLeaP content management system.
  • Receive system-wide automated notifications on a variety of topics that you choose and also send-out reminders and notifications to your employees about training.
  • Our intuitive and user-friendly dashboards make it easy to check on how your learners are performing and gain both micro and macro insights into the training process. Then use this information to extract customized reports which can be emailed or exported to a variety of programs.
  • eLeaP is a mobile-friendly content management system so you can view information via your smartphone or tablet and your employees can also participate in training on any device.

Everything you’ll receive with an eLeaP content management system is highly sophisticated and advanced, yet you’ll find that our management system is also simple to use and intuitive.

For more information about an eLeaP content management system participate in one of our interactive webinar sessions.

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