The Most Important Elements of Corporate Training

While every business and organization may be unique and distinctive, when it comes to corporate training and employee development there are some features that are a must-include.

A few of these features include:

business people putting their hands on top of each other

  • Training needs to feel as if it’s something that’s going to be relevant to your employees’ jobs on a daily basis in order to improve their level of engagement and interest. eLeaP helps you accomplish this by providing you with tools that make it easy to develop content that’s multifaceted, includes a variety of multimedia elements and shows your employees how what they’re learning will be applicable in their jobs in the immediate term as well as into the future. For example, use eLeaP’s easy course development tools to add videos and interactive scenarios in your e-Learning content.
  • Good design. This must-have of corporate training builds on our first feature. Without good course design your learners are going to feel lost, uninterested or just plain confused. With eLeaP’s e-Learning development tools it’s easy to design a great course, even if you’re not an expert or don’t have a significant amount of design experience. Our design features are aimed at everyone, regardless of technical know-how or expertise so you’ll be able to complete course design that’s on-par with global corporations, for a fraction of the cost and in a matter of minutes.
  • In-line with strategic goals. As with anything in business, corporate training needs to be strategic, but how can you be strategic if you don’t have goals and metrics in place. With an LMS from eLeaP this is as simple as designing great content because we offer built-in and automated tracking and reporting features that not only help you create goals based around your employee training but then also see how each of your employees, teams or departments is doing. All of these automated features take the time and guesswork out of the assessment process and you can even export the information to other programs including Excel and PDF.
  • Gone are the days when classroom settings were the only way to deliver training. Now training can be done any time, anywhere so employees aren’t constrained to a particular physical location or a set time when it comes to completing courses. With eLeaP you can provide your employees with on-demand training 24/7 and they can even train on the go since content is available on smartphones and tablets as well as desktop computers.
  • You need to not only be able to assess and evaluate how your employees are doing but also how your training is faring. With options like built-in assessments you can see how your employees feel about their training and where changes may need to be made. It’s also possible to make these changes quickly and easily using our LMS, without having to completely overhaul your training.
  • Your training, like everything else related to your business, should match your overall brand and concept. With our LMS design options you can completely customize your corporate training using options like a personalized URL and color schemes. That means everything your employees see will be in-line with your business’s brand from start-to-finish. This is a great way to not only keep training consistent but also to build brand understanding and loyalty.

If you want to see how your business can truly excel through the implementation of state-of-the-art e-Learning based corporate training, let us show you some more of our comprehensive features.