eLeaP’s Course Management System

eLeaP provides an online training and course management system that’s simple, streamlined and user-friendly. Our LMS makes it easy to create, implement and manage training with powerful design tools, a versatile 24/7 delivery system and in-depth, automatic reporting.

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  • eLeaP makes the creation of quality courses completely simple. It’s easy for both technical and non-technical training managers to design eLearning that’s on-par with very large global corporations.
  • Upload any type of existing file including audio, videos, YouTube, PowerPoint, SCORM and more.
  • Create completely customized and branded training with our advanced course management system. It’s easy to brand your content including your URL, logo and color scheme, regardless of your level of technical expertise.
  • Make your training collaborative or interactive with the inclusion of features like forums and social learning.


  • You can deploy your new training in a matter of minutes with our course management system.
  • With eLeaP the amount you pay is based on your specific needs and the number of users.
  • Incorporate your eLeaP LMS into your instructor-led training with tools that send automatic notifications.
  • Easily manage training paths and personalize how training is delivered based on groups, teams or departments.
  • Customize permission levels with four separate user categories.
  • eLeaP is fully hosted and web-based so you can deliver a powerful, flexible, convenient and on-demand training experience. You’ll also enjoy worry-free automatic backup and software updates.
  • Integrate your LMS with other systems using features like single sign-in options.

Track and Manage

  • From sending out course invites to receiving assessment results, tracking and management is hassle-free and automated.
  • Quickly export information from your custom, automated reports into Excel, PDF or HRIS.
  • eLeaP’s comprehensive tracking and management tools will do the work for you so no dedicated employees or team is required and you’ll also be able to improve your employees’ performance and compliance.

eLeaP—A course management system that delivers accessibility, unique features and measurable results.

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