Quickly and Easily Create Online Courses with eLeaP

In our industry, as one of the leading providers of LMS software to businesses, large and small, we get one big question:

“How do I create online courses.”

For a lot of our customers it’s one of their biggest concerns when it comes to implementing a new e-Learning program within their organization—they feel like they don’t have the technical expertise to create online courses, and they don’t have the budget to outsource the work, hire a consultant or assign a team to develop content.

It becomes one of the primary roadblocks many organizations face when it comes to implementing effective training and development, and without great training your organization can’t fully excel.

So what’s the solution?


assessing-analytical-trainingOur goal is to provide our clients with not only the tools that make managing training easy, but also the tools you need to create online courses. Not only is everything you need right at your fingertips to design and launch courses for your employees, but you have the resources you need to create courses so sophisticated they’re ready to sell with our eCommerce options.

So how does it work?

  • First you start the process of designing your courses using all of our tools. It’s a simple process and even if you’ve never designed any type of online course or training before, it’s a very easy process. We’ve worked for years to perfect our offerings so they’re accessible for people of all backgrounds and with all sets of skills. Even if you’re just beginning, your courses won’t show it. You can brand them, customize them and develop courses that are highly sophisticated, yet still boast a user-friendly interface for the best of all worlds.
  • You can also include your own existing files into your courses. Do you have PowerPoints, videos or audio files you’d like to include in your employee training? No problem. eLeaP lets you do just that and we offer the utmost in flexibility and compatibility. You can also incorporate your existing SCORM courses since an eLeaP LMS is SCORM-compatible.
  • When you’re ready to launch your course it’s as simple as the design process. Assign your courses and set-up automatic notifications so you can track and manage the training process from start-to-finish.
  • Do you see something you’d like to change within your course? That’s not a problem either. One of the unique features of creating online courses with eLeaP is how easy it is to make changes or updates without having to completely re-do your training materials.

Do you love the idea of having your own e-Learning courses but you’re still not sure? Take the time to delve into all that we have to offer. Our various tools including our free trial and our demos and webinars will let you explore not only the features and capabilities you’ll enjoy with eLeaP, but you can also get a feel for just how simple it is to use our LMS. We love for our customers to take their time in the buying process and make sure they’re selecting the right tool to help them create online courses.

Also, if you’re interested in the idea of e-Learning or online courses but you still don’t want to create your own, that’s no problem either. Take a look at our more than 700 top-quality pre-designed courses that you can offer your employees to provide them with a great and simplified training experience.