Training for Tomorrow with e-Learning Software

The Importance of Training

Employee and organizational training is one of the most important yet most frequently overlooked aspects of successful, thriving and competitive businesses.

Why is training so important?

  • Training is one of the most valuable ways for businesses to leverage their most important resource: their people. Your people should be working toward making your business more successful, but without proper training and development they’re not able to do that.
  • When you train your employees you’re not only preparing for the present but you’re also building a longer-term future strategy for your human capital and your business. You’re paving the way for future successes and growth when you’re willing to dedicate to a training strategy.
  • By having your employees participate in training and development you’re not only strengthening their skills but also their sense of competence, preparedness and loyalty for the company. A business that’s willing to invest in training is seen as one that’s also interested in investing in their people which builds a stronger corporate culture and sense of morale among employees. Through robust training you’re also better able to identify potential high performers and help them move their way up through their career paths.

eleaptrainingsoftware-hpWith these advantages and many more, why are so many organizations overlooking or neglecting training?

They often see it as complicated and costly, yet there’s a solution: e-Learning software.

eLearning software allows businesses of any size to begin a robust and sophisticated training program for employees, yet it doesn’t have to be complex to develop and launch, and it also doesn’t have to strain budgets or resources.

Using e-Learning Software

e-Learning software isn’t just the wave of the future in terms of employee training and development—it’s the here and now as well.

Using e-Learning software from a company like eLeaP allows you to leverage your human capital and maximize your return on investment.

Even if you’re a start-up or a small business with just a few employees, we have scalable e-Learning options that will suit your needs and help you position your business for a competitive future.

e-Learning Software vs. Traditional Training

There are so many advantages of e-Learning software over traditional training.

The first is that it’s more cost-effective. With eLeaP you’ll pay minimal monthly costs that are based on the number of users, so if you’re a small business our training and e-Learning options are scalable to your needs.

It’s also fast and easy to create courses. You don’t need to outsource course design, hire costly consultants or even  have a dedicated staff that develops training content. Most of the work is done for you with eLeaP’s sophisticated and advanced offerings, so it’s incredibly easy to create custom and branded content that’s ready to launch within minutes. You can even incorporate your own files including PowerPoints, SCORM, audio files and more.

If you love the idea of e-Learning software but you’re not entirely ready or able to give up your instructor-led training, that’s no problem either. eLeaP can work alongside classroom and ILT through the use of tools that let you schedule, track and document your in-person training. You can enjoy tools that provide you and your employees with automatic notifications and you can easily track event attendance.

eLeaP offers your employees training that is available anywhere, 24/7. No longer are there time or location constraints placed on training. Rather than dealing with the high costs, logistics and scheduling constraints of in-person training you can deliver powerful, engaging training from any device to your employees wherever they may be—whether they’re working remotely, work around the globe or are out in the field. It’s also easy for them to reference training materials on-the-go using a tablet or smartphone.

Experience eLeaP

If you want cutting edge training tools and powerful e-Learning options we invite you to take a deeper look at eLeaP.

We’re one of the world’s premier e-Learning software providers, offering fully-hosted solutions, amazingly simple tools for design and management and we back it all up with real, personal customer service.

From flexible role management to automatic tracking and reporting, all the work is done for you so you can immediately get started delivering training that brings your organization results and paves the way for a successful future and the strongest possible workforce.