Create Content That Sells
with eLeaP’s Simplified eCommerce Solutions


Fortune 500 companies and multi-national corporations have discovered something when it comes to their learning, training and development content—it sells.

If you’ve ever been interested in selling your training and development content but you’re unsure of how to get started, eLeaP has the solution.

We provide you with an LMS that lets you design and develop content you can sell to a wide-ranging audience.

We offer user-friendly design and implementation tools that simultaneously provide you with the framework you need to create sophisticated and sellable content.

Utilizing the eLeaP eCommerce LMS allows you to sell your courses with minimal up-front investments, including both time and money. Your customers will then purchase on-demand products directly.

The Benefits of the eLeaP eCommerce LMS

When you take advantage of the eLeaP eCommerce LMS you enjoy a number of benefits including:

  • The creation and sale of content that’s secure and PCI compliant
  • You can quickly add your own media including videos and Podcasts
  • Use AJAX Course Creator Content Pro to develop your products, regardless of your technical abilities or experience
  • Add features including quizzes and assessments and even issue certificates
  • Advanced tools let you clearly see your purchases and sales reports
  • Recently eLeaP added an enhanced administrator interface with new tabs

Getting Started

Selling your eLearning content using the eLeaP eCommerce LMS is as simple as following these three steps:

  • Step One: Sign up for your eLeaP eCommerce LMS. At this point you can create your administrator account, which allows you to have an eagle-eye view of what’s happening and you can manage the entire process in one user-friendly location.
  • Step Two: Create Your eCommerce eLearning Courses. We make this as easy as possible—whether you’re experienced at developing eCommerce eLearning or you’re just getting started, our tools and offerings are designed to be scalable, customizable and flexible. Include things like rich media, quizzes, assessments and the ability to issue certificates.
  • Step Three: Launch your eCommerce offerings. You’ll have your own unique e-Catalog page where your courses will become available for sale. You can even add discount codes or affiliate information and we’ll help you with the marketing process.

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