eLeaP’s e-Learning Development Tools

eLeaP is a unique learning management system provider that offers businesses in all industries the most advanced and sophisticated e-Learning development tools to create training that’s effective, state-of-the-art but also simple to use.

It’s important to understand eLeaP’s unique features to fully understand how our e-Learning development tools can change the way you not only train but do business in general.

Easy to Create Courses

If you’re worried about your ability to create training and development content because of a lack of technical expertise or experience, eLeaP solves this problem for you.

Our course content creation tools are designed to be simple and user-friendly, regardless of your level of experience.

If you’re just moving to online learning and you have very little experience in the creation of courses or you’re relatively experienced and just want to update or advance your training courses, eLeaP has the e-Learning development tools that will simplify the process and do much of the work for you.

You can also customize your courses completely, from start-to-finish and even brand them so you’re always portraying a sense of consistency and cohesiveness.

Adding your own logo and color scheme are as simple as a click and you can also upload your own files from a variety of sources including videos, audio files and PowerPoints.

Flexible Role ManagemenScreen Shot 2015-06-23 at 2.11.42 PMt

This is a feature we’ve worked very hard to develop at eLeaP and our role management offerings allow you to even further customize the training experience.

We’ve launched four different permission levels including the trainee level, instructor level, account managers and a supervisor level. What’s unique is that any user can be given access to status reports regarding compliance and training status. Additionally, all user types can be assigned to courses so your high-level access individuals won’t need a different account in order to take training courses with eLeaP.

Automated Reporting

eLeaP takes the time-consuming hassle out of any and all reporting associated with your training and corporate e-Learning.

We automatically manage your training, which includes everything from invitations and course reminders to the documentation of results. You can even automate the collection of feedback from your training participants.

When it comes to managing training paths and groups of people, we make that easy too. With the option to create multiple training paths to the ability to organize your business based on groups or departments, it’s all simple and intuitive with eLeaP.

Customer Support

At eLeaP this is a big one. We believe that our products are only as good as the support we offer to our customers.

All-too-frequently we hear from people that other LMS providers were great right up to the purchase point, and then they disappeared from the scene.

That’s not what you get with eLeaP. From start-to-finish we partner with each of our clients to provide a high level of customer service and support. That’s important because even though we may be an e-Learning software provider, we provide a human element to our service that’s rare to experience in the tech industry.

Speaking of the human element, if you’re interested in learning  more about our features you have a couple of no obligation options: you can either enroll in one of our free webinars and get any questions you may have answered, or you can go ahead and take advantage of our helpful free trial offer, which requires no credit card and gives you 30 days to give eLeaP a try and see the impact it could have on your business and your employees’ performance, compliance and job satisfaction.