How Can eLeaP Improve Your HR Training?

You have a few distinctive options when it comes to human resources training with eLeaP. The first is to use our high-quality pre-designed online courses. We offer a variety of HR-based training courses that help you make the most of your number one asset—your people.

If you need customized HR training, eLeaP is your solution for that as well.

We offer simplified tools to build your customized human resources training from scratch.


As with all the eLeaP options, budget is scalable to your needs. You can create your own custom HR training without committing to a long-term contract. We offer monthly plans and versatile options that work within your budget while helping you implement training with an impact.

Group of People Discussing about Human Resources Concept

Collaborative Learning HR is about just that—the human element—so shouldn’t training also be designed in-line with that concept?

Regardless of your technical know-how or design experience level we make it simple to add collaborative features to your HR training.

Simplified User Experience

You want to deliver HR training that’s easy to use for all of your employees without the intimidation factor, right?

We understand that goal, which is why our eLearning is intuitive, can be accessed on a variety of devices and is usable by everyone, even if they’re not highly experienced in the use of technology.

Seamless Integration

Not only can you export reports and data directly from your LMS to PDF or Excel, but you can also integrate your HR training system with HRIS.


Go ahead and get started with the creation of your own customized HR training or schedule a free webinar to learn more about what eLeaP can bring to your HR training and overall operations.