Putting the Focus on Leadership Training with e-Learning

Developing the leaders of the future is one of the most important parts of managing any organization and while most businesses undertake some sort of leadership training and development programs they often fail.

Why is that so?

For several reasons including:

  • Leadership training and development programs often fail to address soft skills and behaviors in a appropriate way. It’s important that leadership training highlights more definitive and definable skills along with the soft skills that create a great leader.
  • Organizations don’t invest in leadership training over the long term. Leaders are cultivated over a duration of time and training and development should address this idea, and create training that grows and evolves with employees during their time at a company.
  • There’s no sense of accountability in leadership training. As with any training or performance management aspect of a business, leadership training should have metrics in place that allow for the measurement of progress, success and failures.
  • No two leaders is exactly the same, and this type of training tends to be a one-size-fits-all approach that doesn’t speak to the needs of the individual.

confident business woman with team behind her

How does e-Learning address the challenges of leadership training?

  • E-Learning can be a great tool to not only teach and train in “hard” skills as they pertain to leadership, but also soft skills. Through the use of multimedia elements like video, audio, scenarios and case studies employees can develop the skills that will ultimately help them become the best possible leader.
  • A learning management system is really the ideal way to balance budget and time constraints with creating and implementing a comprehensive leadership training program. Using an LMS is cost-effective, particularly when you choose an option like eLeaP because we offer customizable monthly and annual pricing plans that are based on the number of users, but it’s also a manageable way to manage training over the long-term, rather than just the short-term.
  • Using an LMS helps you manage training from start-to-finish and be able to clearly define and measure metrics of success. It’s easy to use eLeaP’s automated reporting features to track the growth and progress of employees as they embark on a leadership training program, and then the data can be exported to other programs and integrated with HRIS.
  • Training delivered through an online system like eLeaP is easy to customize and personalize to the learner. From self-paced modules to the availability of training on a variety of devices, leadership training can be tailored to the individual for more effectiveness using an LMS.

If you’re interested in either creating a leadership training program from scratch, or making existing changes to your program, eLeaP has a variety of feature-rich options that will allow you to quickly and easily do so.