Simple-Yet-Powerful LMS Software

If you’re wondering what sets eLeaP’s LMS software apart and what we can deliver for your business or organization, here are just a few of our many innovative features and eLearning advantages:

Simplicity and Ease-of-Use

eLeaP takes the complexity out of training and eLearning. With our LMS software everything you need to create sophisticated online courses and training is at your fingertips. Not only is it easy to design, but it’s also effortless to launch and manage your training.

Automatic Management

Receive a range of automatic notifications, assessment results and user feedback. eLeaP manages every aspect of training so you can see at a glance not only how your employees are doing but also how your training is performing and where updates or changes could be made for better results.

Blended Learning CapabilitiesScreen Shot 2015-06-18 at 1.04.53 PM

Incorporate eLeaP’s LMS software with classroom and instructor-led training for a robust blended learning experience. Maximize ILT with the use of our LMS software features like automatic notifications and attendance tracking.

Customizable Permission Levels

eLeaP’s LMS software features four permission levels, meaning you can divide training accessibility into the following levels: trainee, instructor, administrator and supervisor.

Constant Availability

Our LMS software offers web-based training availability 24/7. We combine self-paced intuitive learning with constant user support for a seamless, accessible training experience available on any device and without time or location limitations.


Brand your eLearning with our fully customizable LMS software options. Begin with your own branded URL and then add elements like your logo and color scheme for consistency with your business image.

Pre-Built Courses

Browse our extensive and diverse pre-built course library for access to eLearning and training ranging from customer service courses to OSHA compliance training.

Training Path Management

Our LMS software makes it simple to manage multiple training paths. Deliver personalized, targeted training to various groups, departments or teams within your organization.


Our LMS software is easy to use, packed with powerful features and tools, and gives you the resources you need to create, deliver and manage eLearning training that’s effective and budget friendly. eLeaP’s LMS software is also back by our uniquely high level of real, personalized customer service so you always have a partner in your training experience.

To understand even more about how these features can benefit your business and how exciting it can be to incorporate LMS software from eLeaP into your strategy, try our free trial. You can also take a look at our quick tour to give you more insight into what sets eLeaP apart from other online training platforms.