eLeaP Delivers Training Solutions for the Medical Device Industry

The medical device industry is one of the fastest growing not only in the U.S., but globally.

With that comes unique challenges for individuals and organizations in this industry – particularly when it comes to training and developing employees. The medical device industry is one that’s incredibly regulated and compliance is one of the preeminent issues organizations face on a day-to-day basis. It’s also a fast-paced industry and employees are required to keep up with information that changes continuously.

Merit Medical Systems: A Case Study

At eLeaP we don’t like to just tell why we’re different – we like to show our customers what sets us apart.

Consider the case of Merit Medical Systems. Founded in 1987, this medical device manufacturing company focuses primarily on cardiology and radiology equipment. Merit operates manufacturing facilities throughout the US and Ireland and employees nearly 1,700 global employees. They’re renowned for their quality products, innovation and customer service.

They turned to eLeaP to address several challenges including the replacement of an internally-hosted open-source LMS that wasn’t well-maintained and was essentially ineffective.

Based on their business model and the structure of their organization, they were seeking the ability to provide on-demand training, remotely, to a globally dispersed workforce. They were also looking to launch complex training materials quickly, and update them on an as-needed basis without having to completely overhaul the materials. Finally, they wanted to simplify their current training and development system and eliminate the need for maintenance and monitoring.

With eLeaP, Merit Medical Systems was about to gain more efficiency, effectiveness and save time and money by replacing their internal system with a web-hosted eLeaP LMS solution.

Addressing Challenges

Regardless of your sector in the medical device manufacturing industry or the size and scope of your organization, eLeaP can provide tailored solutions that allow training managers and company leaders to develop a quality management system, consistently provide devices and services that meet customer and regulatory standards and also keep an ongoing level of quality in provided training.