What to Know About an Online e-Learning System From eLeaP

Who Uses Online e-Learning Systems?

Online e-Learning systems are becoming the predominant way organizations of all sizes and structures are training and developing their employees.

e-Learning provides capabilities and training opportunities that you can access through the use of traditional classroom training alone, and it’s the fastest and most technologically advanced way to ensure your employees are well-trained, prepared, compliant and perform at the highest possible level.

There are no limitations to who can use online e-Learning systems. From small businesses with just a few employees to large multi-national corporations, e-Learning is scalable so it can be tailored to fit any need.

Consider what one of our clients, James Costanza, Manager, Construction Services at Kysor Panel Systems had to say about his experience using eLeaP’s LMS:

Business team attending video conference at desk in office

Jim told us that not only was it “great” working with eLeaP to set up his online training program but he was grateful to have associates and contractors all over the country who were able to utilize the new training capabilities. Before turning to eLeaP’s online e-Learning system, Mr. Costanza reports that his organization had to bring trainees into the head office, which led to a disruption of productivity and work schedules, and this training method was also incredibly costly.

Now he says Kysor Panel Systems has the capability to deliver course materials to employees on-demand, 24/7 without incurring any travel costs. He also points out the advantages of having employees be able to work while they’re on the road or in their home offices.

Why You Should Use an Online e-Learning System

With an online eLearning system it’s possible to save time and money while providing more effective and thorough training.

As with the example of Mr. Costanza above, online learning systems provide a robust training platform that’s also flexible.

It fits in with the unique demands of any organization and can be tailored to suit the needs of a variety of employees, wherever their physical location may be.

The eLeaP Advantage

Even if you’re already sold on the concept of an LMS you may be wondering what eLeaP has to offer over other online learning systems.

The list is extensive.

One of the biggest advantages we have over other LMS providers is our simplicity and ease-of-use. You don’t need a dedicated team of employees to design, launch or manage your eLearning with eLeaP. We offer fully-hosted solutions that can be not only quickly and easily designed and launched, but we also have powerful management tools that let you continuously deliver great training while tracking and reporting the results.

As mentioned with the case of Kysor Panel Systems, eLeaP is also a training delivery system that’s available on-demand. Your employees don’t have to share the same physical location to receive consistent training and delivery, and they can participate in training not only wherever they are, but at any time that works for them, without a loss of productivity or work time.

Are you concerned about the technical know-how of your employees? This isn’t a concern with an LMS from eLeaP. The reason is because although we allow you to create and launch advanced and sophisticated e-Learning that produces results, your content and courses will also boast a simple, user-friendly interface that can be used by nearly anyone and on any device.

A few other eLeaP features that will make you excited for your employees’ training and development include:

  • It’s easy to upload files of any type into your content including SCORM, videos, audio files, PowerPoints and more.
  • Combine your online eLearning system with your in-person classroom training with our tools like automatic notifications and event attendance tracking.
  • Management is easier than ever before. eLeaP does it all for you with our automatic notifications, assessments, feedback forms and more.
  • We now offer four different permission levels, which makes for flexible and unlimited role management. You can create basic users with the trainee level, course creators using the instructor level, account managers via through administrator level and we also offer a supervisor level.

Get Started with an eLeaP Online Learning System Now

Do you feel enthusiastic by the possibilities eLeaP can offer your employees and your business?

It’s simple to get started. We offer a variety of budget-friendly and scalable monthly options that require no commitment and a money back guarantee.

Take a look at our demos and see more about the feature-rich capabilities, advanced technology and excellent customer service you’ll receive when you use an eLeaP online e-Learning system.

You can also sign up for a free trial right now, with no credit card number required.