Online Learning Software Made Easy

There is one thing essentially every business has in common regardless of size, scope, industry or location—the need for quality employee training.

Training, including not just new employee training but also continual development, is what sets leading organizations apart from their competition. In order to remain competitive businesses must not only recognize the value of training but also implement it into their overall strategic planning.

With that realization comes the question of how to best train and develop employees.

Turning Away From the Traditional

Unfortunately so many business leaders see training as something that’s cumbersome and full of hassles, whether it’s in terms of time, money or other required resources.Online Learning

That’s where online learning software becomes the most valuable training tool you’ll ever discover.

With online learning software it’s possible to overcome the hurdles of training and instead develop solutions that are effective, long-term and attainable.

eLeaP’s Online Training Solution

Rather than spending countless hours, dedicated manpower and large amounts of money developing employee training, why not turn to eLeaP’s online learning software solutions?

With eLeaP’s LMS offerings you can enjoy a range of benefits while avoiding complicated or expensive training options. You’re not only saving time and money but you can completely design and launch content on your own without hiring expensive consultants or outsourcing any of the work.

With online learning software from eLeaP it’s simple to consolidate your training and ensure consistency regardless of the size or scope of your organization. eLeaP’s online training solutions are ideal even in a situation where your employees are dispersed around the globe.


You never have to worry about whether or not your training will be effective again with eLeaP’s online solutions.

The reason?

You’ll have access to a variety of tools that increase interactivity and provide the framework for more engaging employee training and development.

Whether you’re incorporating files from PowerPoint or adding quizzes and assessments, with eLeaP’s online learning software you can pull the learner into what’s happening, meaning an improvement in overall results and a better return on your investment.

You can even include collaborative tools into your modules so learners are not only engaged with the content in general, but also with other employees.

Scalable and Flexible

Whether you’re a small business with just a few employees or a large multi-national corporation, eLeaP can provide you with the tools and resources you need to create your training and development content.

With online learning software from eLeaP you’ll enjoy solutions that are both scalable and flexible, in the present and well into the future so your content can grow and change along with your organization.


Just like all of the other unique features available with eLeaP, the budget is customizable too. You can select the LMS offerings that are going to best suit your needs and pricing is also based on the number of users—that means if you’re a small business you can get started for as little as $12 per month per employee.

Not only are the cost of our LMS solutions inexpensive, but you’re also avoiding the overhead costs associated with traditional training.

Quickly Design Your Own Content

With eLeaP you’ll never again have to rely on expensive consultants or outsourced talent to assist you with the design and launch of new training content.

Whether you want to utilize your existing files or start from scratch, eLeaP’s online learning software puts all the tools you need right at your fingertips so you can create powerful, sophisticated content that’s ready to launch within minutes rather than weeks or months.

Get started on the path to meeting and exceeding your training and development goals today with this free trial.

You can also learn more with our free video tour of everything eLeaP can offer your business or visit our library of business training courses.