Engaging Employees with Online Learning

While online learning isn’t necessarily a new concept, it’s making new waves in the corporate world. Companies are using simplified online learning and learning management systems to provide training and development to employees as well as customers in some instances.

When creating e-Learning it’s important to design content that’s going to be effective and engaging, and one of the primary benefits of this type of learning delivery method is the varying tools you have at your disposal to do just that.

Generally online learning, while it can be completely customized to a business, its brand and its employees, has some shared characteristics which indicate how likely it is to be engaging to the learners.

A Unique User Experience

While there are many, this is perhaps one of the primary advantages of using e-Learning or an LMS as compared to traditional classroom learning.

Since you have the ability to customize training and development when delivering with the use of an LMS this means you can also create content that’s going to accommodate a variety of employee needs, whether that means individuals with varying level of comfort using technology, to customizing the type of content delivered to each employee.

Byte-Sized Content

Human learning theories show we learn best when we’re provided information in short, manageable snippets.

With online learning it’s important to keep this concept in mind and deliver small pieces of information within content modules that’s going to be easy for learners to not only take in but also comprehend and retain.

Keep lessons short and to-the-point, with only the most needed information included.


One of the best ways to get your employees engaged in their online training and development is by making content interactive.

A learning management system provides valuable methods of doing this, from giving you the tools to include videos and audio files to the opportunity to design scenarios and case studies which ask employees to determine what actions they would take in a particular situation.

It’s also a good idea to include quizzes and assessments in e-Learning to improve the overall level of engagement on the part of your employees.

Customized Learning Paths

The ability to provide employees with training based on individualized learning paths is a key feature of our eLeaP LMS offerings.

You can provide individualized training and development that’s pertinent and relevant to employees on a personal level with eLeaP.

When you individualize the learning process it makes it feel more personal, which tends to increase engagement and interest on the part of the learner.

Keep Content Fresh

One of the big drawbacks of classroom and instructor-led training is that it tends to become stale quickly.

With eLearning you can keep content evolving, relevant and current without having to completely overhaul training on a regular basis.

It’s easy to make small changes with eLeaP’s online learning options that will keep training on the cutting edge, while saving yourself time and money.

Get SocialHuman resources and social networking concept - female officer recruiter select new employee.


When designing your corporate online learner you can integrate training and development with opportunities for employees to socialize with other employees or with trainers, whether it’s by email, in discussion boards or through social media.

This is a great way to include the human element of learning that’s found in classroom training, but training still offers a sense of versatility and flexibility that can’t be addressed with instructor-led training.

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