5 Advantages of Online Training Systems

We get the question quite a lot, “why are online training systems better than what I have now.”

The list is long, but we can condense to 5 of the biggest advantages, which helps guide people during the process to move from traditional classroom training to online training systems.

Businessman pressing Training button at his office. Toned photo

  1. Online Training Systems Are Cost-Effective.

Oftentimes the number one roadblock we hear people discuss when it comes to implementing training and development programs in their organization is the cost.

With traditional instructor-led and classroom training some of the costs include travel, facilities, materials and there’s also costs associated with hiring instructors and the loss of productivity that can occur during training.

With online training systems all of these costs are virtually eliminated. You can create courses for no cost and you’re paying a low monthly or yearly fee for users to train. There’s no materials since everything is right there on the screen, no instructors required and your employees can train from any location at any time, so there’s no travel costs or loss of work time.

  1. There’s Nothing to Install

Forget about installing expensive and time-consuming hardware or software if you turn to an online training system.

With a system like eLeaP we fully host your LMS, so there’s no downloads or installations meaning there’s no equipment to buy and you don’t have to hire a team to manage anything.

With no downloads or installs and a fully-hosted LMS solution like eLeaP you also don’t have to worry about troubleshooting or doing updates—we do it all for you.

  1. No Commitment

With an online training system from eLeaP there’s no commitment as well as no licensing fees and no update fees.

What you’re paying is a very low monthly or yearly rate that’s based on your number of users and you’re not locked into any type of commitment with eLeaP. If your needs change, it’s easy to change your LMS to accommodate.

  1. More Effective Training

Along with budgetary concerns, this is a big one for our customers. With eLeaP’s online training system you’re getting training that’s not only effective, but also engaging. You can use our many tools to incorporate multimedia elements into your courses that are going to draw your employees in and make them feel excited about training and development.

They can learn at their own pace, go back if they need, skip over the unnecessary parts and you can manage their training and progress quickly and easily with automated reports.

Whether you want to incorporate audio or video files or have your employees participate in interactive or social elements, it’s easy to design your online learning courses with eLeaP.

  1. It’s Convenient.

The convenience factor of online training systems means both employers and employees experienced a simplified-yet-effective training experience.

Your learners will enjoy a user-friendly interface and engaging design, while you’ll have automated reports and tracking features that let you know how everyone is progressing. Whether you want to issue certifications or just monitor attendance, it’s simple with our eLeaP dashboard. You can also control the level of access with four distinctive options.

It’s an exciting time in the world of online training systems and now’s the time to bring your organization into a modern training environment so you can remain competitive in a fast-paced marketplace.

We love to have people give eLeaP a try and see just how simple and effective it is, so go ahead and take advantage of our free 30-day trial.

Still have unanswered questions? That’s no problem either—participate in one of our interactive webinars to find out more about online training systems from eLeaP.