Project Management Training: An Overview

Business and corporate training encompasses a wide-reaching variety of subjects, whereas project management training tends to be more focused on those elements of business having to do with leadership and operational procedures.

An internal corporate training program is meant to provide delivery of an efficient and effective myriad of services, all of which have the ultimate goal of allowing an organization to maximize their competitiveness.

With the growth of online training it’s become simpler and less expensive to deliver said training to employees, including project management training, which can often be in-depth and complex.

e-Learning is the ideal way to deliver modern, advanced project management training for a number of reasons:

  • You can deliver information in “byte-sized” snippets that makes it easier to understand and digest the content, thereby increasing its effectiveness and the comprehension and retention level of your employees.
  • Online e-Learning systems, particularly through eLeaP, tend to be incredibly cost-effective—so much so that many organizations are actually shocked at how little they end up having to pay to implement and manage a robust training program and system.
  • E-Learning and web-based training can easily be customized to your organization and they can also be tailored to the individual needs of each employee without having to overhaul or change the materials, particularly because the content is self-paced and available on-demand.

Elements of Project Management Training

When designing e-Learning aimed at providing project management training, it’s important to ensure the following elements are considered:

  • Project management needs to provide the basics including what “what is” elements, but it also needs to address the skills necessary in a deeper way, through how-to guides. This is often best done through the use of combining varying multimedia elements into one training module.
  • Case studies are a great tool to include in project management training because they allow learners to see real-life examples of situations they will face on the job, think critically about how they would handle certain challenges and then evaluate their decisions and the impact they will have, all in an environment that makes it safe to fail.
  • e-Learning modules, since they are available not only on computers but also mobile devices, are a great way for employees to refer back to content and training material whether they’re on-the-go or on-the-job, which can improve compliance, performance and overall operations.

Project Management Training with eLeaP

eLeaP offers a uniquely and very advanced learning management system option for businesses who want the very best in project management training, but also want something that’s accessible, user-friendly and cost-effective.

We are constantly working to ensure eLeaP is the very best LMS option available so you can not only create but also implement and manage your project management training.

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