SCORM-LMS Compatibility

eLeaP doesn’t just provide an advanced and powerful tool to create and deploy web-based training—our pro

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ducts are also designed to be compatible with other software tools. In fact, eLeaP offers users the convenience and advantage of being a fully-certified SCORM software product.

So what does that mean?

SCORM LMS stands for Sharable Content Object Reference Model Learning Management System—the standard industry form in eLearning.

The eLeaP SCORM LMS provides a highly detailed level of tracking and reporting during the employee training process.

The informative reports can be used to gather information and insights on individuals, groups, teams or departments.

A little more about SCORM compliance:

SCORM is essentially a rigorous set of technically-based standards for the creation of eLearning software. Since eLeaP is SCORM compliant it means it’s coded to be compatible with other LMSs.

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