Training and Development

If you’re seeking the best way to implement a training and development program to your employees you may be at a loss when it comes to finding a solution that’s effective and budget-friendly.

At eLeaP we’re dedicated to addressing those concerns and many others to help any organization bring powerful training and development to their employees.

If you want to learn more about training and development with eLeaP sign up today for our free trial offer.

If you just want a little more information that’s okay too—we have live webinar sessions designed to give you a feel for what eLeaP can bring to your business.

Any Size Business or Budget

eLeaP is a unique learning management system because we offered tailored and customizable solutions that are going to be ideal whether you’re a company of five employees or 500, and whether your training budget is in the 100s or the 1000s.

We believe the ability to not only create but also deploy and track training should be available to you even if you don’t have a large budget, and we also believe development is something that’s absolutely vital even to the smallest of businesses.

When you opt for an LMS from eLeaP you can not only create your own personalized learning and training content, but you can also keep your budget in-line with your specific requirements through our subscription plans. Rather than paying expensive consultants or worrying about the install of costly and time-consuming hardware or software you can simply use our web-hosted solutions and pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee that’s based on your number of users.

All Industries and All Needs

Since eLeaP provides you with e-Learning tools that are scalable and customizable, you’re creating the content that’s going to work best for you and your employees, rather than having someone else tell you what will be best for your business.

Oftentimes we hear concern about the process of developing training content, which is why we’ve created an LMS that essentially does the work for you. Even if you have no content or web development experience our creation tools are user-friendly and simple to use so that you can have completely fresh, new training and development up and running within minutes, and it’s going to be personalized to your business from the actual content, to the style in which it’s delivered to the branding.

You can also easily incorporate your own existing files because our LMS is compatible with nearly any file type.

Engage Your Employees

Maybe you already have a training and development program in place but your concern is that it’s simply not effective or engaging.

eLeaP helps you address that hurdle as well. e-Learning is becoming the preferred way to educate and train employees because it’s not only efficient but it’s also effective. Rather than being tied down to a tedious manual or being required to take a time-consuming in-person training course where information is quickly forgotten, eLeaP provides you with a new platform to deliver training.

Draw your employees into the process with multimedia features like audio and video, keep information brief, to-the-point and digestible and let them learn at their own pace.

This is beneficial not only for your employees but also your training budget since you’re not required to pay for instructor-led training, which often requires significant travel costs and a loss of work time for employees and trainers.

Your employees can quickly and easily access content either on computer or even their smartphone or tablet. This makes it easy to refer back to training and development when necessary, to refresh information and to learn at the pace in which each individual employee feels most comfortable.

If you want to implement the human and social element that’s realized through classroom training that’s possible as well. You can either use eLeaP as a tool in conjunction with instructor-led training or you can implement social learning strategies such as discussion boards and forums where users interact with one another, enhancing their retention of skills and information as well as their critical thinking.