Putting the Spotlight on Training Development Programs

For businesses in any industry and with any number of employees, having an in-depth, robust and strategic training development program in-place is absolutely vital.

It’s through a training development program that businesses and organizations of all types are able to best excel and flourish in the face of a continuously evolving and increasingly competitive marketplace.

As experts in employee training and development, we created a brief list of what see as some of the must-have features of the best programs.

iStock_000000215486_LargeThese features include:

  • Goals that align with overall corporate and business goals. This is an area where many organizations fall short when it comes to implementing the best possible training development programs. It’s important that you not only have the program in place, but that you’re also able to track and measure the results of training and development efforts so that you can then ensure they’re lining up with your larger business goals. It’s important that each and every training and development effort ties in with a measurable result that impacts the business in a more holistic sense.
  • Training and development needs to be customizable to the unique and diverse needs of employees at all levels and within all positions. It’s important that each employee feels like training and development is not only relevant to them professionally, but that it’s also accessible and without the intimidation factor that can come with development opportunities. Employees should be able to clearly determine why they’re participating in a training and development program, how it will impact their career and the direct results they can expect by participating in the training.
  • Training and development has to be engaging. It can be difficult to hold the attention of employees who already feel overworked or like they’re lacking time, so a training development program should take this into account. The best programs are ones that incorporate a variety of multimedia elements, utilize new technology and speak the language of the learner. It’s also important for training and development programs to be interactive in order to increase the level of employee engagement.

The Advantages of e-Learning for a Training Development Program

e-Learning offers your businesses unique advantages over traditional instructor-led training ibn terms of everything we spoke to above.

You can create training and development that’s easily measurable so you can align your training strategy with your larger business strategies. It’s also simple to tailor and customize e-Learning to fit the distinctive needs of a broad number of employees and finally, e-Learning has been shown to be the most engaging and effective way to develop employees thanks to the multifaceted multimedia elements that can be included in content including audio and videos. You can also create scenarios and interactive exercises to draw the learner into what’s happening on his or her screen, and e-Learning can be done from any device on which the employee feels comfortable.

Learning More About eLeaP’s Features

If you’re in search of the ideal e-Learning software to implement a value-creating training development program, consider eLeaP.

eLeaP is a software provider that can give you the tools and resources you need to create a training development program that’s on the same level as the sophisticated corporate universities utilized by Fortune 500 organizations, but for a fraction of the cost.

If you’re worried the creation and implementation of a large-scale training and development program would be too time-consuming or costly, eLeaP eliminates these barriers. We provide fully hosted solutions that allow you to quickly create and launch great content, even if you’ve never designed any type of e-Learning before.

Our interface is intuitive and user-friendly so that not only will you find it simple to use, but your employees will also be able to easily navigate through their eLeaP-backed content.

Are you ready to either begin or take your training development program to the next level? Let us show you what we bring to the table at eLeaP.