Your Guide to Selecting Training Management Software

Let’s start with the facts: you know how important employee training and development is, and with that comes the need for training management software.

That’s what the hard part begins.

How do you know which training software is going to work best not only for your needs in terms of being a business leader, but also for your employees and your long-term strategies and goals?iStock_000032331526_Large

It’s certainly a bit of an overwhelming undertaking to begin the search for the perfect training management software because the options are extensive, but we consider ourselves experts in the field, which is why we’ve put our knowledge and expertise into creating state-of-the-art, powerful e-Learning tools that let you create the very best training.

We’ve also taken our experience and put it toward this guide which can help you determine what to look for and how to approach the search for training management software.

  1. What are your needs? All too often people begin their search for training software by looking at features and offerings without taking into account what their real needs are. No one knows your business, your employees and your goals more than you do, so before you begin your search it’s time to think about your must-haves, your maybe-needs and your can-live-withouts. Maybe you can’t live without anything, which is why it can be advantageous to choose an option like an eLeaP LMS which provides you with tailored and customizable solutions that don’t require you to sacrifice anything.
  2. What do you hope to achieve with your training and development. When beginning the search for training management software it’s also important to look at not only your immediate needs or your technical requirements, but you should look toward the bigger picture and think about how you hope to link your employee training to your strategic goals and future goals. This can be a great way to guide your search.
  3. Get to know the products. Look for products that provide you with things like free trials and live demos. These are fantastic tools to take a deeper look into what each product has to offer, see what it would really be like to use the training management software and in the case of live demos you can often even ask questions and learn more about the customer support offered by each LMS. eLeaP understands the importance of getting to know the product before making a selection, which is why we offer live webinars, demos and of course a free trial. We want you to take the time to explore and see how our products can change your business. When you take advantage of demos and trials you can not only look at features and functionality but also the logistics of a particular product—for example, how user-friendly or intuitive is the interface?
  4. Look at the reviews. While free trials and demos are fantastic ways to get to know more about the features and functionality of training management software, reviews are another good tool. Read what other customers are saying about a product and the services behind it. Vendor case studies are also a valuable tool to let you gauge the performance level of a particular LMS software provider.
  5. Think about cost. For many businesses cost is a huge factor when it comes to selecting an LMS. At eLeaP we understand budget restraints which is why we offer flexible pricing options based on monthly or annual payments and the number of users. You’re not locked into a contract and we don’t have hidden costs. If you want to stay on budget make sure you look into not only the pricing model of a particularly company, but also the payment terms and delve into whether or not there are any hidden costs.
  6. Take the time to learn about the level of customer service vendors are going to provide. Unfortunately some service providers are there during the sale and then tend to abandon their customers once it’s time to get to work. eLeaP is different—we’re always there for you, acting as your partner in the training process. We can troubleshoot and provide you with back-up in any way you may need it throughout your time as our customer. We’ll even work with you when you’re still trying to find that perfect training management software to give you a better idea of what we offer.