Tap Into the Value of eLeaP’s Training Software Solutions

If you ask the majority of employees of both small and large businesses why they’re not performing you’re likely to hear one common reason: a lack of training and development.

Business leaders agree on the importance of training in the workplace, so why isn’t it happening the way it should?

Traditional training methods consume a great deal of resources including time, money and labor. In the past, training employees and creating viable development programs was financially burdensome and also complex in terms of logistics. Training relied on an in-person classroom-style setting in most instances. Think about the expenses associated with traditional training: travel costs, the cost to hire coordinators and consultants and the overall cost of materials.

Even multimedia training in the traditional sense is full of costs. For example, businesses may have to install specific hardware or software or even hire a team of dedicated IT professionals to manage the training system.

Even with all of these costly elements, oftentimes these types of training and development programs were seen as inefficient and ineffective.

Now imagine being able to erase all of those costly hassles, while simultaneously seeing more employee engagement throughout training and better overall results.

That’s what’s possible with online training software from eLeaP.

eLeaP is a fully hosted only training software option that saves businesses, large and small, both time and money.


With eLeaP it’s possible to eliminate the overhead costs that come with traditional training programs while still designing eLearning content that’s engaging, interactive anHand put coin to money ,Business idead effective.

eLeaP provides you with user-friendly design tools that pave the way for you to create sophisticated eLearning and training content. You can start from scratch, incorporate your existing files or even let the eLeaP team do the work for you. Regardless of the option you choose you’re going to have learning content that’s high-quality and on-par with what’s seen from multinational corporations.

Once courses are launched, let our advanced automatic reporting features do the work for you. From sending invitations to tracking progress and even collecting user feedback, it’s all at your fingertips with eLeaP’s online training offerings.

The best part? No IT expertise or support is required. We take care of all the details so you’re left with great training products backed by our team of eLeaP professionals.


Training software from eLeaP will also provide you with content and learning that’s accessible from any device so your team can participate in training regardless of where they’re located in the world and even if they’re using a smartphone or tablet.

Take a quick tour of eLeaP’s online training software to see just a few of the many features you’ll enjoy with our LMS. You can also start your free trial without the use of a credit card, or browse one of our many business training courses.