Keep Tabs On Your Business with Training Tracking Software from eLeaP

With eLeaP’s training tracking software options you can keep a high level of control over the continual training and development of your employees.

The powerful and innovative training tracking software from eLeaP provides you with the tools and automated functionality to not only track employee progress but also improve all areas of your business including performance and compliance.

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Features you’ll have access to with training tracking software from eLeaP include:

  • Tracking of classroom and instructor-led training is easy with eLeaP’s ILT-specific tools, which include everything from automatic notifications to attendance tracking.
  • Automated options range from sending out training invites and reminders to the collection of feedback.
  • Quickly create assessments, surveys and quizzes, which not only help you with the tracking process but also ensure your learners are heavily engaged.
  • eLeaP’s training tracking software includes four different permission levels including trainers, instructors, administrators and supervisors.
  • Easily set-up automated reports that can then be exported to Excel or PDF.
  • Simplify the management of varying training paths, teams and user groups. Whether you want to personalize training for individuals or departments, it’s easy with training tracking software from eLeaP.
  • Integrate your LMS with other systems including HRIS.

General benefits of training tracking software include:

  • Training tracking software simplifies the entire training process and can give you a comprehensive view of everything from course enrollment to cancellations. It’s easy for people in charge of training to see all of the relevant information on their screen quickly, and it can also be put into a report and distributed to other people within the organization.
  • Take the time and thought out of tracking training with eLeaP. Everything is automated so there’s no need to have a dedicated team managing training. From notifications to open rates of emails, everything is done for you.
  • Understand what’s working within your training and what isn’t. As with anything in business, you want the best possible return on your investment and eLeaP’s training tracking software not only lets you look at how employees are performing but also lets you uncover areas where training and content could be improved upon.
  • Manage your records in a simplified way. Everything is located in one place and can be synced with your HR programs to streamline record-keeping.

If you want to discover more of what eLeaP has to offer not only in terms of training tracking software but also overall functionality take a few minutes to look at our demo. When you’re ready go ahead and sign up for a free trial.