The Many Advantages of a Web-Hosted Training System

eLeaP is one of the world’s premier providers of web-hosted learning management systems, e-Learning and online training courses. Our system is designed to make not only creating e-Learning and training simple, but we also provide the tools that simplify the management process.

One of the primary advantages of eLeaP in terms of training and development is the fact that it’s a web-hosted training system.

If you’re unsure of the benefits your business could enjoy utilizing a web-hosted training system, consider these facts:

Advantages for Your Business

eLeaP provides a fully web-hosted training solution. For your business the advantages include:

  • It’s inexpensive and budget-friendly. Other computer-based training systems often require that you purchase and install expensive hardware and software, whereas since our training and development options are fully hosted, we take care of storing your information, helping you manage your training and you don’t have to buy any expensive equipment. Plus, with eLeaP you can take advantage of flexible monthly pricing and no commitments, so it’s easy to tailor your products and our offerings to your budget.Businesspeople Looking At Businessman Explaining In Presentation
  • As mentioned above, there’s no need for special software or hardware downloads or installation which means you don’t have to hire consultants, freelancers or additional employees to help you implement and manage your web-hosted training system. If you do have a problem we’ll assist you with troubleshooting and our team is available 24/7. One of eLeaP’s most notable distinctions is our dedication to providing unparalleled customer service, so rather than just being a service provider, we’re your partner in all your training and development needs. Plus, updates are automatic so you never have to give a second thought to ensuring you’re getting the most advanced offerings available from eLeaP.
  • It’s simple. eLeaP provides sophisticated and powerful results, but the process required to get there is completely simple. With our web-based training system you can quickly create e-Learning that’s ready to launch in a matter of minutes. If you spot changes or need to make tweaks along the way that’s no problem either. It’s just as simple to make those changes without having to completely overhaul your content.
  • Most of the management tasks are automated. You don’t have to worry about updates but you also don’t need to concern yourself with the tracking of your employees’ training or compiling complex reports. We do it all for you with our web-hosted training system solutions.


office-employeesThe Advantage for Your Employees

The benefits of using eLeaP for your training and development extends to your employees as well.

With our web-hosted training system your employees will enjoy:

  • Simple, user-friendly interfaces that make training a breeze. Regardless of their level of comfort with technology, your employees will be able to navigate the training and development provided by eLeaP.
  • Engaging content. As you’re developing your e-Learning go ahead and quickly upload your own files and multimedia elements including audio and video files to keep your employees engaged in the learning process.
  • Let your employees train when they have the time. Web-hosted e-Learning from eLeaP means it’s easy to access training on any device, whether your employees are onsite or not.
  • Just like eLeaP provides great customer service and troubleshooting for you, we’ll do the same for your employees. We’re here whenever they need us.

If you think a web-hosted training system from eLeaP might be just what you need to kickstart your employee training we invite you to take a more in-depth look at the many features we have to offer. You can also go ahead and sign-up for a free trial without entering any credit card information.