Play the Game: Why Gamification Works in Employee Training and 6 Tips for Using It

Employee training isn’t all fun and games…or is it?

That’s the question companies are asking themselves. With the rise of online training and learning management systems, employers are also finding it’s increasingly simple to include elements of gamification in employee training. Continue reading

Do’s and Don’t’s of Training Clients and Customers

We often focus on training employees, but there’s another area of training that you may need to take on: training your customers and clients.

Whether you sell a product or a service, it’s important that your customers know how to use it, and use it well. Continue reading

Why Employees Are Turned Off By Training and How You Can Change Their Perspective

There’s a commonly held belief amongst employees when it comes to training: it’s a punishment. Training is something that’s seen as a necessary evil in the workplace, leading to a feeling of reluctance or even resistance. Continue reading

Want to Retain? Focus on How You Train

We’re in the midst of a unique employee marketplace right now. Skilled and talented employees are hard to come by, and when employers do discover a great employee there’s a constant worry they’ll lose them to a better opportunity. Continue reading

6 Tips for Incorporating PowerPoints Into Your e-Learning

In our last post, we discussed how valuable PowerPoints can be when you’re designing online training for employees. Let’s say you have a collection of PowerPoints on-hand that you’d like to transform into interactive, engaging e-Learning. How do you go about doing that? Continue reading

7 Reasons You Should Harness the Power of Powerpoint in Your e-Learning

So you’re considering leaving your old, outdated employee training methods behind and instead going the way of e-Learning.

This means you have to scrap those PowerPoint presentations you worked so hard on, right?

Not quite. PowerPoint can be a valuable and advantageous tool to use when authoring your e-Learning. Continue reading

Designing Diversity Training That Really Resonates

Diversity training is frequently an aspect of employee development that is either nonexistent or archaic. Employees dread undergoing diversity training and they often see it as outdated and unnecessary.

Unfortunately, this can be detrimental to an organization. Continue reading

How to Keep Your Temporary Employees (and Your Workplace) Safe

Temporary workers pose a unique challenge when it comes to training. The word temporary implies they aren’t going to be around forever.

Maybe these employees are hired seasonally or to fill in for an ill employee.

Often employers don’t want to spend the time or money to train these individuals Continue reading