Want to Retain? Focus on How You Train

We’re in the midst of a unique employee marketplace right now. Skilled and talented employees are hard to come by, and when employers do discover a great employee there’s a constant worry they’ll lose them to a better opportunity. Continue reading

Personalize Employee Training with Individual Development Plans

Think back to a decade or two ago. If you were part of any employee training session, it likely involved a classroom or group setting that felt more like an information dump than anything of use. Continue reading

7 Ways to Provide Meaningful Feedback During Training

One of our frequent tips to readers and clients here at eLeaP is to include at least some type of feedback within your e-Learning modules. Feedback is an important component of not just e-Learning but employee training in general. Without feedback, your employees are left without a sense of awareness in terms of how they’re performing. This often means not only does training not resonate as strongly as it would when paired with feedback, but there’s also little basis for improvement. Continue reading

Empowering Your Employees Through Training

Employee training often gets a bad reputation, viewed as something that’s boring, mandatory and potentially useless.

Done well, training can be quite the opposite. Strong employee training can create a better workplace culture, improve safety and help employees feel not only prepared for the challenges of their job but also appreciated as if company leaders are willing to invest in them. Continue reading

Here’s How to Hold Your Employees Accountable for Training and Performance—Without Micromanaging

As a manager or business leader often one of the last things you want to hear is that you’re seen as a micromanager. Micromanagement can not only be viewed as the ultimate sign of a poor leader, but it’s unlikely that you have the time or interest to manage every single minute facet of your employees’ performance. Continue reading