Prepare for the Present and the Future with Web-Based Training

Web-based training is really the go-to method preferred by leading edge companies right now, but it’s something attainable for even very small businesses as well.

We’ve come into a time where training and development in general are taking center stage as employers are realizing the value of investing time and effort into cultivating strong employees that become value-producers for the company.

With that being said there are certainly more challenges than ever when it comes to delivering great training and development.

One of these challenges is a lack of a shared location. There are so many work environments today where employees work remotely, work at various locations around the world or are on-the-go nearly all the time. It becomes difficult to implement traditional in-person training in situations like these, and if there is some type of instructor-led training there can be a lack of cohesiveness and consistency, particularly when location is an issue.

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Another problem? The workplace is more fast-paced than it ever has been in the past. Employees are constantly on the go and a loss of work time or productivity can be problematic for an organization. There’s often not time for employees to participate in training sessions that can take days or weeks.

Finally, there can be difficulty in tracking and reporting training, particularly when it comes to highly regulated organizations, such as within the medical device or healthcare industries. Employers may be delivering the right training and development but they lack a clear way to gauge how employees are performing, which can spell problems for performance and compliance.

So what’s the solution?

Web-based training.

Web-based training tackles all of the above challenges and brings with it a unique set of advantages that you’re not going to be able to enjoy when you’re relying on outdated methods of instructor-led training alone.

The Advantages of Web-Based Training

The number one advantage of web-based training?

Its versatility and flexibility. Your employees are no longer required to be present in a physical location at a set time to receive in-depth, thorough and effective training. Instead they can train from their home office, from halfway around the world or while they’re out in the sales field. They’re going to receive an excellent level of training and there isn’t a loss of productivity. You can also ensure you’re delivering training that’s consistent amongst all employees. They can train not only using a desktop computer but also a tablet or smartphone, further increasing the level of flexibility your organization and its employees will enjoy with the implementation of web-based training.

Web-based training offers an unparalleled level of effectiveness and performance but it’s also cost-effective and can implemented by organizations of any type, size or with any budget. You can scale your eLearning and training to your actual needs, rather than having to rely on a one-size-fits all approach to training.

The Benefit of Using eLeaP

If you’re looking for a cutting edge web-based training system that’s also budget-friendly and easy-to-use, look to eLeaP.

eLeaP is a feature-rich offering that lets you not only quickly and easily create eLearning materials, but also launch and manage them. Utilize our automatic reporting to manage your employee and their training throughout the process and then quickly export your reports to other programs including HRIS, Excel and PDF.

Simplify the process of managing training paths, integrating with other systems and HR software and even sell your courses using our eCommerce options.

With eLeaP all of these features and more are at your fingertips so you can open up a whole new world of performance, compliance and development.

Are you interested in learning more about the many features offered by eLeaP’s online web-based training options?

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