Advance Your Business with a Computer-Based Training System from eLeaP

In today’s technologically-driven business environment what’s the best way to ensure your organization remains competitive?

Through the implementation of a computer-based training system.

Think you don’t have the time, budget or expertise to implement computer-based training within your organization?

Think again with eLeaP.Man and woman using computer together

eLeaP offers you the tools and resources you need to launch effective, cutting edge training for your employees in a way that’s realistic for businesses of all sizes, regardless of budget or industry.

Our computer-based training system delivers powerful capabilities and a user-friendly design including an interface that’s simple and intuitive.


The benefits of eLeaP’s computer-based training system include:

  • Flexibility: Your employees can participate in training during their own time from anywhere in the world. There are no time or geographic restrictions placed on the delivery of training and there’s no loss in productivity to participate in on-demand training.
  • Cost: Eliminate travel fees and other costs associated with traditional training. Since eLeaP’s products are fully hosted there’s also no expensive software or hardware to purchase or download and there’s no dedicated internal staff required to manage a computer-based training system from eLeaP.
  • Results: A computer-based training system allows you the opportunity to let employees move at their own pace and while utilizing an engaging, interactive and collaborative learning environment. The use of everything from forums to videos and scenarios can be included quickly and easily using eLeaP’s many tools.

A computer-based training system also provides automatic updates, tracking and reporting as well as 24/7 access and support.

Are you ready to take a tour to better understand the advanced offerings and ease-of-use available with a computer-based training system from eLeaP? We also invite you to take advantage of a free trial.