Strategies for Making the Most of a Training Management System

One of the many ways eLeaP is a unique online training system provider is because of our in-depth training management system tools.

We understand that just as important to the training process is the actual content being delivered to employees is also how everything is managed.

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 2.20.35 PMSome of our training management system tools include:

  • There is a single point of access for your employees to begin and complete their training.
  • eLeaP’s training management system includes four distinctive permission levels so you can customize access. These permission levels include trainee, instructors, account managers and also a supervisor level. Along with these level classifications, users can also be given access to compliance and training status reports.
  • Any type of user can be assigned to courses, so your high-level access individuals won’t need a separate account to participate in training.
  • Integrate your eLeaP LMS with other systems and add single sign-on so your users aren’t required to remember multiple passwords. The API can be used to automatically connect eLeaP to your HR information system. You can also restrict access based on IP address.
  • If your company has multiple departments or locations, utilize our Enterprise system which lets you easily and succinctly manage multiple accounts. This is also ideal if you’re a consultant seeking the ability to manage multiple clients.
  • Our training management system includes the abilities to personalize your manage level including training paths, teams and groups of users. You can deliver tailored training to specific groups within your organization and the management process remains both intuitive and simplified.
  • Receive automated notifications letting you know things like attendance of courses, progress and how well your employees performed on quizzes. You can look at individual results, track progress and you’ll receive documented results that can then be exported to PDF, Excel and other systems.
  • With eLeaP’s training management system it’s fast to create assessments and feedback forms so you can gather more in-depth information about the training experience from your participants.
  • eLeaP also allows you to integrate your online and web-based training with your classroom and instructor-led training. Use our instructor-led training tracking system to perform tasks like scheduling, tracking and documenting what’s going on in a traditional classroom training setting. Our powerful tools issue automated notifications and even tracking as well.

For many businesses one of the most intimidating aspects about implementing a full-scale training and development program is the fear that management will be time-consuming and challenging. That’s why we’ve introduced al of the above training management system tools—it’s all done for you.

You don’t have to hire consultants or additional employees to manage training with eLeaP and you don’t have to spend hours managing the training process, collecting data and analyzing it.

With eLeaP’s training management system each and every detail from the initial course invitations to attendance and performance are all automatically reported and you can then export them to any system or program that you need to.

Whether you have a company with locations throughout the country or the globe, or you’re a small, local business, training management has never been simpler than it is with eLeaP.

Take some time to explore more of our offerings that extend beyond just the management of training when you participate in our informative webinar session, or you can explore the full capabilities of eLeaP by signing up for your 30-day no-commitment free trial of our services and powerful product offerings.