Blended Learning: Combining e-Learning and Classroom Management

One of the big phrases in e-Learning and corporate training right now is blended learning.

You may be asking yourself what blended learning means. Essentially it’s combining elements of both e-Learning or an online learning system with classroom learning.

Many people may realize each corporate training method can be used independently of one another, but they don’t realize online training systems are actually a great complementary tool for classroom management as well.

The Advantages of Classroom Management with e-Learning

The goal of any corporate blended learning strategy is ultimately to derive the best of both worlds. You can take the best features from each type of learning and combine it to create the most innovative, advanced and effective training model.

Using e-Learning for the role of classroom  management can help you keep the human and social element in training while simplifying the overall logistics of the training process.

For example, using eLeaP’s LMS allows you to do things like sending out course invitations and track attendance using an online system. You can also track student progress and all reports are automated so all of the manual elements of managing classroom training are eliminated.

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 2.23.24 PMAdditionally, an LMS allows for easy management of materials. Rather than having traditional manuals or in-class videos, students can learn in the classroom but then refer back to multimedia materials through the LMS. There are elements of both modern and traditional learning so that each can reinforce the other, strengthening the overall training process.

If you initially introduce content to your students in the classroom and they then want to revisit a particular area in their own pace they can use the learning management system to review these areas of interest. e-Learning can also be accessed on tablets or smartphones so it can be used as a reference tool when an employee is on the job.

Tips for Classroom Management Using e-Learning

  • Keep your blended learning strategy flexible and versatile. Allow your employees to participate in classroom training but then navigate through e-Learning-based training on their own time and at their own pace.
  • Use a learning management system as a way to not only provide course materials but also to test employees. This way you can quickly track their progress and issue certifications in an automated format and then export various records and results to the programs you choose.
  • When you’re opting for a blended learning strategy it’s important to use a software provider that makes it easy to design and implement a variety of classroom management functions like eLeaP.

If you’re curious to know more about eLeaP can bring to the table in terms of launch a blended learning strategy or more about our classroom management and training tools, utilize our free trial offer or sign-up for an informative and complimentary webinar.