Learn a Little More About What Makes eLeaP Distinctive

The creator and President of eLeaP, Don Weobong, came across the concept of eLearning and training when he was studying for his MBA. Looking around at the landscape of the eLearning and LMS industry as it stood at the time he questioned why, with all that this technology could offer, there weren’t more adaptations available to users.

Don then went on to question what value great software would be without an equally great team and customer service standard behind it.

To answer both of these questions Don turned to his own solution and eLeaP was born.

Our Team

Along with President Don Weobong, our team at eLeaP is what makes us one of the premier LMS providers in all of the eLearning industry.

You really are only as good as your people and we have a team of innovative, forward-thinking talent who not only ensure we’re offering the most exciting and cutting edge eLearning tools and products but also that we’re able to stay one step ahead of exactly what it is our customers need and expect from us.

The eLeaP team has more than 80 years of combined experience in areas including technology, business, finance and customer service. This experience merges so we’re able to deliver our unique insights and skills in the form of both our products and our services.

Unfortunately, all-too often in the technology world there seems to be a loss of the personal element that’s always made business so great. That’s one of the many ways we stand apart from other LMS platform providers—we offer a personalized approach to service so you’re never alone whether you’re just starting with the development of internal eLearning for your small business, or you’re an experienced eLearning developer.

The Vision

During his graduate studies, our President Don Weobong had the idea of creating eLeaP as an innovative solution to deliver comprehensive, on-demand learning and training solutions for National Prevention Organizations.

The goal was to harness all of the available technology with an eye toward forward-thinking concepts, and then package and deliver those capabilities along with unparalleled, personalized customer service.

Thus eLeaP LMS/LCMS was born, bringing together technology, custom software applications and learning management solutions all developed by our company, Telania, LLC.

In the years since its launch eLeaP has grown into a multi-national LMS and eLearning service provider, with global clients who express not only satisfaction with the products and technology, but also the team of eLeaP that works as their partners through each step of the process.

The Background

There are two overall, primary reasons for our success at eLeaP—we offer a superior product along with a superior customer support system.

eLeaP is a complete and secure solution for interactive and engaging learning and web-based training. With our eLearning solutions it’s easy for both technical and non-technical business leaders to come together and create training and learning for employees from all backgrounds and within all industries and sectors.

With our LMS and training software system you’ll enjoy a multitude of benefits including flexibility, scalability, ease of use and sophisticated design tools. We also offer a secure, customized learning site that can be launched in as little as 30 minutes. We’re even one of the first eLearning platforms to offer a 128-156 bit encrypted training environment, providing the highest possible level of security and protection to our customers.

You may be asking how all of these features can be affordable for a small business. The answer is, easily, particularly due to the fact that our products require no hardware or software downloads or installations.  It’s all web-based, saving you both time and money.

Compare the ASTD estimate of how much it costs to train an employee for one year using a traditional setting—the cost is estimated at $995 for a year. Now think about the base price of eLeaP– $12 per year. This is why we’re the preferred eLearning platform provider of businesses large and small.

eLeaP is also a member of renowned professional organizations including the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) and the American Society for Training and Development.