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Business Is Complex. Your Training Shouldn’t.


Whether you’re new to internal training and development altogether or you’re looking for a simplified solution to creating courses, eLeaP has something to offer.

The value of eLeaP over other LMS providers is the simplicity. We take the complexity out of developing, implementing and tracking your employees’ training.

So how does it work?


Step One: Create Your Courses

This is one of the more intimidating elements of internal training from many employers’ and training managers’ perspectives, which is why eLeaP is unique.

We do the work for you.

At your fingertips are all the tools and resources you need to create outstanding and effective eLearning content.

We make the creation of training materials manageable and provide you with the framework to create sophisticated professional-quality courses that include not only learning materials but also components like built-in quizzes and evaluations.

Step Two: Upload Materials and Content

We’ve designed eLeaP to be an LMS that’s flexible in a variety of ways, including file compatibility.

You can incorporate your existing SCORM courses since our LMS is compatible with SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004.

Have a Flash presentation you’d like to use? That’s simple as well—eLeaP is also compatible with video and audio files, PowerPoint files and more.

Step Three: Launch Your Course

Put your learning materials into action.

Assigning courses is as simple as the push of a button, plus you can continuously and easily track your learners’ progress through streamlined automated reporting. eLeaP allows you to look at a range of factors including course completion, quiz results, etc.

You can also receive feedback from your employees so you’ll learn where you could make improvements to the learning and training over time.

Step Four: Manage and Evaluate

eLeaP provides you with an easy-to-understand way of evaluating not just your employees’ progress, but how well your course is doing overall.

If you see something that may need tweaking that’s okay too—make changes as you go without a total overhaul of your course.

You can also improve your organization’s compliance with features that let you do things like issue certificates and you can even take your results and export them to programs like Excel.
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